It all began at the end of 2013 – by accident – when a former Swiss entrepreneur was asked by his close friend to help him fulfill his life’s dream

So the first project “Support in life’s dream” was launched and – no longer by accident – successfully executed

Then another project arose in a personal capacity, which quickly became known and talked about within the circle of close friends

Two years later – in 2015 – this kind of support was no longer “occasionally”
All by personal recommendation only within that closed circle of peers and wealthy friends
Still it didn’t even have a name
Everything happened simply on the basis of “Friends help one another”

At the beginning of 2017 – again by chance – a second former businessman was enthusiastic about this story and came along

At the end of 2017 – four years after the very first project and lifedream fulfillments in four different countries – “it” has grown up requiring an adequate environment

Existing customers asked for publicly available information in order to “infect” others with this idea

Finding a name and creating a website has kept us quite busy

-> the birth of lifedream.com

2019 has been used with combined forces to redeem a sacred youth vow by the lifedream.com founder

Namely, as an experienced and assertive entrepreneur, to be the support for young people that he himself lacked in his younger years

Thus, 5 long-term internships have been created for young people with handicap in order to give them the opportunity not only to gain practical IT knowledge, but also to set themselves up at their own pace and then stand on their own feet without outside help

Even in times of Corona – when nothing was the same in 2020 – we have maintained these internships despite all difficulties

Still in times of Corona, we maintain the internships and have even increased the number of places to 9 (if we do something, we want to do it right)

In times of zero or even negative interest rates, saving in the conventional sense has become impossible

And so millions of people who are willing to save are hoping and waiting for a possibility to finally receive positive interest again for their hard-earned money, in combination with knowing that their money is invested in a sustainable and meaningful way

We ourselves had searched and searched, but found nothing good.
That’s why we, as entrepreneurs, did something ourselves and founded fair-rates.ch

Where we are heading to

The aim is to be a global point of contact for support in fulfilling life dreams for adult people and childless couples at an advanced age