Parents 2.0

What is that?

Bringing together childless couples at an advanced age
with a parentless adult so that they can still experience family

From the „parents“ point of view:

The worldwide unique support for wealthy senior couples without a child of their own who are looking for a parentless but adult „child“ to pass on their inner and outer values

It is not simply „just“ a successor who takes over, it is about the role as a „child“, as an assimilator of one’s own values and their safeguarding

It is about the good feeling of knowing that not only the material values are ready to be passed on, but also and above all the immaterial ones – to know them in trustworthy hands

From the „child“ point of view:

The worldwide unique support for economically successful adults without parents who are nevertheless looking for substitute „parents“ to feel like a „child“ on this path and at the same time – immensely important – to be able to be there for their „parents“

It’s about finally having parents in your own life, finally saying „mom“ or „dad“ and taking care of them

It’s not only about just being „welcome“, but about the feeling of finally „coming home“

„It’s not too little time we have,
but it’s too much time we don’t use“

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca –

From a common point of view:

To still be able to experience something like „family“ in this life,

this feeling of togetherness,

this intimacy and security,

this reciprocal „to catch the other“ and „to be caught by the other“,

the pursuit and achievement of common ambitions

From our point of view:

With all our life experience we are looking for the „right match“

Empathetic, gentle, patient, thorough, deliberate and yet purposeful

Yes, it’s a really time-consuming process on all sides

But if it succeeds, it’s worth every minute

„If we always do, what we’ve always done,
we will always get, what we’ve always got“

– Adam Urbanski –

From the point of view of others:

Many will say: you are crazy, totally crazy

others will need some time to sort that out

but a handful will understand and ask you how they can help

Are you a couple at an advanced age without a child – but with a desire to have one?

You know, the natural way can no longer be met
But still you hope that there may be other avenues open to you

Are you an adult without parents – but with the desire to have them?

You know, these parents will not be your biological parents
But you hope that neither money nor bloodline are really important for the fulfillment of this dream

„Family is not an important thing. It’s everything“

– Michael J. Fox –

This shared knowledge and unifying hope combined
with our experience and intrinsic involvement
could mean an opportunity for you